Teaching Guide – Butterpup in the Great Garden Race

Butterpup in the Great Garden Race

Teaching Guide

*These teaching activities and ideas are designed to be used with the picture book “Butterpup in the Great Garden Race” by Miles and Merissa Davis ISBN 978-1-987857-75-7

Butterpup in The Great Garden Race

Story Summary:

A puppy with butterfly wings defies the odds and wins a backyard race through practice and hardwork, despite the other racers’ disbelief.

Discussion Topics/Activities:

What kinds of foods/plants can you grow in a garden?

ActivityHave teams plant seeds and care for the seedlings as they grow. Have the teams race to raise the plants to a certain height. The teams have to measure the plants’ growth over time and keep a log.

Discuss the importance of practice/exercise.

ActivityHave students stand by their desks and do different stretches and mild exercises such as wind mills, jumping jacks, outstretched hand circles, etc. Keep a journal of the students’ progress as they add more repetitions each time.

Discuss the importance of believing in oneself and believing in others.

ActivityGo outside and have even teams (4 students or more per team) compete in a relay race.

Activity: In order to accomplish your goal, you have to VISUALIZE IT! Draw a picture of you accomplishing your goal or a picture of how you will feel after you achieve your goal.

Butterpup makes a pie at the end. What are different kinds of pie? What makes a pie different from a cake? Which kind is your favorite? i.e. Apple, Blueberry, Strawberry, Chicken Pot Pie, Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Mince Meat Pie

Activity: Bring in a pie for the students to try.

Activity: Prepare and bake a pumpkin pie (or pies) with your students.

What are some of your goals this year? What can you do to achieve those goals?

Activity: Have students make a list of at least three steps they can take to achieve their goals. Have students keep a journal of their progress and check in periodically to reach their goals by the end of the year.

Overall Lesson:  With a little hard work, practice, and yes – even a little luck- you can accomplish great things.



Butterpup in The Great Garden Race

Butterpup in The Great Garden Race
Butterpup dreams of winning the Great Garden Race, but the odds are totally stacked against him. He trains hard, practices his fluttering, and believes in himself. Will all of his hard work pay off? Follow along as the Backyard Buddies learn the value of working hard, being humble, and having faith in themselves.

Created by Miles Davis and Merissa Davis | Illustrations by Miles Davis

ISBN 978-1-987857-75-7