Butterpup’s Hidden Talent

Teaching Guide

*These teaching activities and ideas are designed to be used with the picture book “Butterpup’s Hidden Talent” by Miles and Merissa Davis ISBN 978-1-987857-77-1

Butterpup's Hidden Talent

Story Summary:

With a talent show coming up and opening night looming, a puppy with butterfly wings must find his talent before it’s too late.

Discussion Topics/Activities:

What is a talent? What are some your talents and/or favorite activities?

Activity: Have student draw his/her talent or favorite activity. Then have student stand and present the drawing to the class and explain his/her talent.

Activity: Put on a talent show with your students.

If you could have any talent, what would it be?

Activity: Have students draw themselves doing exactly that-the talent they wish they had, even if it’s flying or having laser eyes.

What are some talents that others have?

Activity: Pair students up. Have each student tell their partner a talent that they admire in that person.

Activity: Have each student teach their partner a talent – i.e. playing an instrument, playing a sport, performing a card trick, etc.

How can you use your talent(s) to help others?

Overall Lesson: Everyone has talent and has worth – no exceptions!



 Butterpup’s Hidden Talent

Butterpup's Hidden Talent
The Backyard Buddies are preparing for the upcoming talent show! Amidst magic tricks and super speedy kung fu, Butterpup scrambles to discover what makes him special. With opening night looming the next day, will Butterpup find his talent before it’s too late?

Created by Miles Davis and Merissa Davis | Illustrations by Miles Davis

ISBN 978-1-987857-77-1