Butterpup Meets Allie

Teaching Guide

*These teaching activities and ideas are designed to be used with the picture book “Butterpup Meets Allie” by Miles and Merissa Davis ISBN 978-1-987857-73-3

Butterpup Meets Allie

Story Summary:

When an unexpected friendship blooms after a misunderstanding, a little girl learns that friendship is not always about making yourself happy.

Discussion Topics/Activities:

What does it mean to be a friend? What is friendship?

Activity: Have students list what characteristics they look for in a friend or in friendship? i.e. sharing, being nice, funny, etc. 

What are some of your favorite toys?

Activity: Have students write/draw a story about their favorite toy.

Activity: Show and Tell – bring your favorite toy to class and explain why you like it.

What kind of animals live in your backyard (not your pets)?

ActivityDraw those animals (squirrels, chipmunks, birds, rabbits, turtles, bugs and butterflies, cats, spiders, lizards, snakes, etc.) and label them with the correct name.

Activity: Grow butterflies and release them. Or build a garden and grow plants that attract butterflies.

Have you ever had to say goodbye to something you liked? An old toy or a pet?

Activity: Write a story/memory about that toy or pet.

Allie let Butterpup go because she wanted her new friend to be happy. What are some things you can do to make others happy? i.e. manners, forgiveness, hugs, giving compliments, presents, etc. 

Overall Lesson:   Subtle lessons about courage, kindness, and forgiveness end with a deeper understanding of friendship.  “If you love something, let it go – if it returns, it is meant to be.”



Butterpup Meets Allie

Butterpup Meets Allie
Welcome to Grandma’s Backyard and the wonderful world of Butterpup & Friends! In this colorful tale, Butterpup learns about forgiveness and friendship with his new friend Allie. Join in the adventure as the Backyard Buddies discover they have a new neighbor. Playtime will never be the same!

Created by Miles Davis and Merissa Davis | Illustrations by Miles Davis

ISBN 978-1-987857-73-3