Butterpup in Landslides of Gravy

Teaching Guide

*These teaching activities and ideas are designed to be used with the picture book “Butterpup in Landslides of Gravy” by Miles and Merissa Davis ISBN 978-1-987857-79-5

Butterpup in Landslides of Gravy

Story Summary:

A puppy with butterfly wings learns the importance of healthy eating and knowing when to say he’s had enough.

Discussion Topics/Activities:

What are your favorite foods? What is a “feast”?

Activity: Have students draw their favorite foods as one big, huge feast. What about drinks?

Activity: Plan a feast with your students. Have each student bring one of their favorite foods to share with others at the feast.

What is “portion” control? Discuss portions of a food guide and balanced diet.

Activity: Engage students in simple math puzzles. Example: If you have 5 grapes and you give your friend 2 grapes, how many grapes are left? Use fruit, vegetables, or other types of food.

Activity: Teach students about My Plate; print or draw a My Plate graphic for the wall in the classroom and place different food printouts onto the board to discuss which category the food belongs to.

What are different ways to eat fruit?

Activity: Pair certain fruits or veggies with different ways to eat them. 


Apples to apple sauce, apple pie, apple slices and peanut butter 

Oranges to orange juice, halftime orange slices, popsicles

Carrots on salad, eaten like a rabbit, chopped up and raw

Tomatoes in salad, tomato sauce for pizza, spaghetti sauce

Discuss Fun Food Facts. i.e. Tomatoes are a fruit; Carrots and Potatoes are “root” vegetables

Activity: Draw fruits and vegetables and discuss the foods’ colors – label the drawings with the correct name.

Overall Lesson: A balanced diet and not over eating are important parts to feeling good and being your best!



Butterpup in Landslides of Gravy

Butterpup in Landslides of Gravy
After Butterpup gorges himself on his favorite foods, the results he faces are disastrous! His beloved gravy comes back for revenge and wreaks havoc on bedtime! Will Butterpup survive the night? Come along for the ride and get swept up in a thrilling adventure about healthy eating.

Created by Miles Davis and Merissa Davis | Illustrations by Miles Davis

ISBN 978-1-987857-79-5