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Interested in licensing some or all of the Butterpup & friends™ characters? We are thrilled to discuss this opportunity with you! There are many reasons why licensing Butterpup & friends™ is a smart business decision! Here are just a few:

  1. Broad Consumer Market

    As Butterpup & friends™ is an art-based brand with no broadcast platform, it is able to reach a very broad consumer market, allowing for unlimited potential

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  2. Unique, Fun, Lovable Characters

    The characters of Butterpup & friends™ are uniquely styled and, as such, appeal across many age groups and genders. They are easily recognizable and, more importantly, memorable.

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  3. Fresh Characters, Flexible Options

    The lovable characters of Butterpup & friends™ have been designed specifically to increase profitability and brand longevity without bringing the extra “baggage” that famous characters from Disney or Looney Toons carry. Butterpup & friends™ are aesthetically competitive with the likes …

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  4. Customized Illustrations

    We are willing to discuss manufacturers’ requests to create customized illustrations and graphics to suit their products.

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  5. Perfect for Any Softline or Hardline Collections

    Butterpup & friends™ are able to bring their distinct style and irresistible personalities to baby and toddler apparel along with accessories, stationery, home décor, toys, story and picture books, and even fast moving consumer goods. The possibilities are endless!

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The Butterpup family would be a great addition to any softline or hardline collection and has great potential for future publishing crossovers. We sincerely look forward to talking with you about licensing Butterpup & friends™!

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