Handpainted Murals of Butterpup & friends™

Handpainted Murals of Butterpup & friends™

Brighten Any Room with Butterpup and the Backyard Buddies!

We love making children smile – and what better way than if they wake up surrounded by their best friends! Miles Davis, renowned Atlanta artist and Co-Founder of Butterpup & friends™, recently had the pleasure of filling up a room with the joyful, fun host of characters that make up the Backyard Buddies. In a matter of weeks, Miles transformed the minimal, gray-walled nursery into a whimsical, inviting play space featuring Grandma’s backyard garden along with all of the Backyard Buddies! In the mural, you can see Gigi swooping through the air with Bentley and Ninja Chip playing hide-and-seek close behind. Nod practices his magic tricks and Splash takes a dip in the bird bath. All the while, Butterpup sits atop the fence, watching over the crib and a happy sun smiles overhead.

Looking for a unique touch for your baby’s nursery or child’s room? Have any space come to life with a Butterpup & friends™ hand painted mural! From one wall to four, Miles will turn your room into a one-of-a-kind whimsical wonderland full of funky mushrooms, playful balloons, fluffy clouds, and a happy sun. Want to add your child’s name or a specific symbol for a personalized touch? Miles will work with you from the very beginning to illustrate the perfect room for your desires and budget. Transform you room into Grandma’s backyard garden, or explore the sea with Splash! Climb the highest mountains with Ninja Chip, or fall asleep on cloud nine with Nod. The sky is the limit!

It’s always a fun time with Butterpup, Ninja Chip, Bentley, Gigi, Splash and Nod, and they are ready to play! Sign up for a consultation today!