The Imaginologist

Nod is a 400-year old magical lawn gnome that loves telling stories of “Ye olden days.” He enjoys showing off his assumed intellect by spouting off information and misinformation alike…usually to be corrected by one of the Backyard Buddies or proven right or wrong by one of their many adventures. Nod also regularly falls asleep while in the middle of telling his stories…much to the frustration of Ninja Chip especially. He is also a very powerful, self-proclaimed “Imaginologist!” Don’t call him a wizard…he hates that! But even as powerful as he seems to be, he often mixes up spells and his mishaps are as likely to add to a problem as help it. He has his trusty wand, but his spell book is “alive” and has a mind all its own. Though usually hard to find, his spell book can fly by flapping its covers, and usually acts like a dog! Nod also really enjoys his sweets, calling them his “vitamins.” He lives in Grandma’s Garden somewhere…but the Backyard Buddies can never seem to find it!